our shape-wear, athletic wear, and waist trainers are one of a kind. BeU Beauty Basics Collection is nothing more than a kind of very tight-fitting suit, that can reshape your body and make you immediately look leaner by at least 2 or 3 sizes.

A containment girdle not only makes you look slimmer, it harmonizes your curves making them sexier. It is excellent, for example, for those who want to flatten their stomach, for those who want to reduce their thighs, for those who want to hide their love handles, for those who want to push their butt or for those who simply want to appear leaner and more toned.

Obviously, it can be worn under clothing as well and care must be taken to choose the ones without the seams, so that it does not show when worn.

You can use it under dresses, whether tight or not, and also under skirts or trousers. The result will always be the same: you will look slimmer by at least 2 sizes.

  • Facilitates and accelerates the weight loss phase
  • You can wear it whenever you want
  • There is no age limit for its use
  • It does not generate any physical effort

Choose one of our shape-wears and let’s get back to the basics! 

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